A fully responsive CSS framework for modern browsers
Current version 7.0.6
Mobile and desktop
Create accurate layouts with a grid that is simple and easy to use. Great flexibility included.
Create professional forms for mobile or desktop. Add responsive behaviour only when you need it.
Choose from various mobile or desktop menus, or build custom menus using the pre-defined styles.
Use the toggle container for off-canvas menus, fly-out menus, accordions, transition effects, and more.
Add tooltips that adapt intelligently, with viewport boundary collision detection built in.
Use alerts with features including animated stacking, positioning and transition effects.
Customise upload controls with many utility classes, including upload files list customisation.
Experience amazing flexibility and customisation options with the multi-instance tabs control.
Create custom modals in various sizes that automatically adapt to screen size.
WebUI themes to get you started. All open source and easy to customize.
Ecommerce fashion theme
(In development)
Sales dashboard theme
(In development)
No custom CSS or javascript, just the standard WebUI and Owl carousel or Chart.js so you can add your mark!
Flexibility built in
Whether you just want to knock out a quick demo or a public website, WebUI has what you need. If WebUI doesn't have a component out of the box, you will find it easy to build your own custom components, such as menus, tabs, form controls, and cards. There's also a set of form validation functions that will highlight and initialise form fields for you, and if you really want to take control you can use some of the helper functions for media breakpoints, element viewport status, color shades, and many form control utility functions. WebUI will enable you to give your company a great public face.
Cusomise WebUI using the SASS preprocessor and Grunt tasks provided with the download.
Initialise components globally with the option to override many configuration settings individually.